Monday, December 5, 2011

12-04-11: Puff-Puff-Ho-Ho-Ho

A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS (2011) ***1/2 89 mins. D: Todd Strauss-Schulson. Kal Penn, John Cho, Neil Patrick Harris, Danny Trejo, Tom Lennon.

A mysterious package reunites Harold and Kumar, who have gone their separate ways. After an unexpected accident, they must find a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and hi-jinx ensues.

Harold and Kumar's latest adventure is in 3-D. Much like "Piranha 3-D" it uses the 3-D to full comedic effect. Pot smoking wafting in your face, candy kanes hitting your nose, a claymation appendage that'll make you wanna duck.

Penn and Cho are still enjoyable as the stoner pair. Both are a little older but not above engaging in some immature antics. NPH makes a hilarious return as the host of a non-PC Xmas pageant.

While I enjoyed "Guantanamo Bay" I felt this was a better sequel. It's kind of reminiscent of how I felt about "European Vacation" and "Christmas Vacation". Wasn't a fan of "European" but loved "Christmas." This is by no means as good as that but it is still an entertaining Christmas movie but is not as good as "White Castle."

It's full of amusing 3-D sight gags, the usual stoner humor, some insane comic antics and a very funny homage to the legendary "A Christmas Story."

It's definitely one to see in 3-D as the gags will lose their impact in 2-D. Still overall, it's a fairly funny film.

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