Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Last Stand (2013) **1/2

DIR: Jee-woon Kim
CAST: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, Eduardo Noriega, Forest Whitaker

RUNNING TIME: 107mins.

After the leader of a Mexican drug cartel makes a brazen escape from the FBI, the only thing that stands in his way is a small police force in a quiet border town.

Korean director Kim, he made the outstanding "I Saw the Devil" makes his first English feature that also marks Schwarzenegger's first feature role since leaving politics. There's nothing new or original here but it feels very much like something Stallone or Norris would have done in the '90s which isn't a bad thing. Unlike typical Schwarzenegger action fests, this one takes its time to build up to the inevitable confrontation which involves shoot-outs, car chases and hand-to-hand combat. Tonally it has more in common with "Collateral Damage" then say "Eraser."

Arnold is fine as the Sheriff. He's not as physical but still looks great firing a gun. As for the rest of the cast, well outside of an unexpected appearance by Harry Dean Stanton, nothing special.

It was great seeing Arnold back in action which is the main reason why I kinda like this one. If it were another actor not so much.

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