Monday, January 21, 2013

Raw Force (1982) **

DIR: Edward Murphy

CAST: Cameron Mitchell, Jillian Kessner, John Dresden, Jennifer Holmes


A group of martial arts students on a cruise to a mysterious island soon find themselves facing a Hitler look-a-like, cannibalistic monks, pirates and martial arts zombies.

Well what more can be said except this is just pure unadulterated B exploitation. Gratuitous nudity, nonsensical plot, plenty of gunfights, hand-to-hand combat and zombies for good measure.

As a movie this was pretty bad. The acting was terrible, direction non-existent, don't even get me started on how outrageous the plot was. However as a "So bad but good" movie it does fill that bill despite the fact it does get a bit dull from time-to-time. So if you are going to sit down and watch this as a feature be warned but if you're going to watch it for the fun of it then it could be an entertaining 90 minutes.

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