Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mama (2013) *1/2

DIR: Andres Muschietti.
CAST: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Chapentier, Isabelle Nilisse.

After several years in the wilderness, presumably lost and alone, two children are found and brought back to civilization where they are taken in by their uncle and his girlfriend. However the couple soon discovers that the children weren't in fact alone and whatever it is has come with them.

This could have been a decent little ghost story. It really could have. It wasn't really scary but at least had an engaging mystery. Who is Mama? Unfortunately she is a stereotypical CGI creation. For most of the film you are left guessing but once it is revealed who she is and what she's doing it all makes sense and you say okay let's see how this one ends. Wrong.

The third act does irreparable harm to what came before it. As I mentioned once you know the mystery you want to see how it ends. However, the filmmakers apparently felt they didn't want to go the obvious route and tried something different. It didn't work at all. As the final act begins, one illogical plot point after another occurs. Once the finale reaches what I'm sure was meant to be a shocking and sad conclusion it comes off as so corny, unintentionally funny and dumb that it damages the entire film.

About the only thing worth noting about this one are the performances by the children, yup they were better than Jessica Chastain.

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