Sunday, January 10, 2010

1-10-09: Return to Sleepaway Camp

D: Robert Hiltzik. S: Vincent Pastore, Paul DeAngelo, Michael Gibney.

Another '80s franchise returns and it should have been left buried.   Unlike recent films, this is a true sequel and not a remake/reimagining/reboot of the original.

When a new camp opens, a counselor becomes concerned when campers start dying and the MO points to a killer from his past.

Normally in a horror film, you are presented with at least one character you can get behind, someone you hope survives.  I could care less about anyone in this film and would be perfectly fine seeing them dispatched.  

There is a put upon, picked on, fat kid who you are suppose to be sympathetic towards but of course you are being lead to believe that this is in fact the killer.  This kid is so damned annoying that I would have no objection to slapping the crap out of him and join the other campers who belittle him.  The kid has no redeeming qualities that you just want to see him die.    Now the people who pick on him are just as annoying so you want them to die too.

As a straight up horror film it was terrible.  As a self-parody it wasn't very funny.  It's best to just skip this one.


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