Friday, January 1, 2010

01-01-10: From the heights of Scorsese to the depths of the toilet

THE KING OF COMEDY (1983)  ****1/2

D: Martin Scorsese.  S: Robert DeNiro, Jerry Lewis, Sandra Bernhard

This is a dark, funny and at times uncomfortable black comedy about the dangers of celebrity and obsession.    This is definitely one of DeNiro's best performances.   Like Taxi Driver, you are just waiting for him to blow up.  When he does, it's not what you expected.    DeNiro plays an aspiring stand-up comic who will not accept no for an answer.   It's taken me forever to get around to watching this one and I was not disappointed.   The thing I found most fascinating is that throughout the film we see moments of Pupkin's imagination or is it madness.   In today's society the conclusion of the film may raise some interesting questions.  Released in 1983, the end would seem outlandish however in present day it is very plausible as outlandish as it may seem.   So it begs the question, what did we see at the end of the picture? 

TROLL 2 (1990) 1/2*
D: Drago Floyd. S: Michael Stephenson, Connie McFarland

I have heard about this film's reputation as being one of the worst films ever made.  In fact, a documentary was made about it "Best Worst Movie" which I must now see.   Going in I knew it was going to be bad but so bad that I fell asleep at one point.   Yes, when I woke up I rewound it and finished it.   The film is a sequel in namesake only.   It's about a boy who must convince his family that they are in danger before it's too late.   Horrible acting, atrocious dialog, terrible direction and the list goes on.   I wonder if when they were making this film did they know they were making a bad movie or were they playing it for laughs?  There are moments where the acting is so over the top you have to think they can't be serious.  Can they?  As a film, it's really bad.   95mins felt like 2 1/2 hours, not including naptime.   However, there is one saving grace.  This is the kinda film you want to have your friends over to watch and just go all MST3K over.   You're guaranteed to get more enjoyment out of it then if you were to just watch it as is.

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