Wednesday, January 6, 2010

01-06-10: Mining the depths of your moral conscience.

THE OX-BOW INCIDENT (1943) *****
D: William A. Wellman S: Henry Fonda, Harry Morgan.

After the murder of a rancher, a posse is formed to find the killers and enact justice whether those found did the crime or not.  Once again Henry Fonda plays the moral conscience of the audience.  

This powerful drama looks at the horrors of the mob mentality, the definition of justice, the abuse of power, the courage to do what is right and the power of one's own conscience. 

The film doesn't strike a false note leaving you flustered, angry, upset, saddened and in the end demanding justice.    At only 75 minutes, this is a fast film that will have a lasting impact upon viewing.

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