Saturday, January 9, 2010

1-08-10: The Children and their burning hug of desire.

THE CHILDREN (1980) *1/2
D: Max Kalmanowicz. S: Gil Rogers, Martin Shakar.

Ah, the '80s.  A time when countless horror films were released with the most outlandish plots.  The Children is one of them.

I wasn't entirely sure if I'd seen this one or not.  I remember the bus going into the cloud but that's it.  After watching it, I definitely hadn't seen it.

A schoolbus with a few children on board drives directly into a mysterious white cloud.   Going in they were singing the praises of their bus driver, coming out they were THE CHILDREN.

For no reasonable explanation, as a matter of fact not one is ever given, the exposed children have turned into zombies and have the ability to burn the flesh off anyone they come in contact with.  Most endearingly they do so whilst giving out free hugs.  I suppose this is one of those films that you forget the plot and enjoy the ride.  Unfortunately, this is not a fun ride.  It could have easily been 20 minutes shorter.

Now one of the worst things about this is the score.  The score is by Harry Manfredini, the legendary composer behind the music of Friday the 13th.   That was a great score, how can this one be bad?  Because it's the same score!!!  Cues are lifted and some note-for-note.  I've heard of composers reusing some themes in different films but this was lazy and rediculous.

Anyway, this film was rediculous.   Clearly this one will have greater entertainment value if watched with friends and given the old MST3K treatment.   Unless you get a kick out of children being shot, dismembered and zombified then this is right up your alley.

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