Saturday, October 22, 2011

10-21-11: You can never trust a rat.

WILLARD (1971) ***1/2 D: Daniel Mann. Bruce Davison, Elsa Lanchester, Sandra Locke, Ernest Borgnine

Willard is a meek man who's put upon by his elderly mother and mocked by his employer but does what he must because he's expected to even though it results in him hating his everyday life. One day when told to exterminate some rats he has a change of heart and somehow the rats begin to show their appreciation. Gradually their numbers grow and he begins to train them. Once he is pushed over the edge, Willard calls upon his new friends to help carry out his revenge.

Willard is a quiet thriller. Considering the subject matter, it's not flashy or over the top in anyway.

Davison is effective as Willard and Borgnine plays quite the bastard as his boss. You couldn't buy the premise if Davison didn't buy into it with his performance. You simply accept that the guy has a strange connection with rats. The hows and whys are never explained but not necessary.

This film, while not necessarily scary, features a lot of rats. However, it's the twisted rat race that Willard and his boss are in that is the heart of this picture.

Worth a look...if you don't have a fear of rats!!!

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