Sunday, October 9, 2011

10-08-11: Metropolis...shorter...louder...colorer

GIORGIO MORODER'S METROPOLIS (1984) **1/2 D: Fritz Lang. Gustav Frohlich, Theodor Loos.

In 1984, Fritz Lang's masterpiece "Metropolis" was given the contemporary treatment by Oscar winning composer Girogio Moroder.

A new score was composed, songs recorded by many top '80s artists were added and some color was given to some scenes.

In a not-to-distant future, the workers are relegated to the lower depths of the city slaving away over machinery that fuels the city above. After descending into the worker's city, the city architect's son's eyes are opened and he decides to switch places with an exhausted worker.

Having recently seen "The Complete Metropolis" this version just seems to lack the subtext and power that fueled the restored 2 1/2 hour version. This version runs 82 minutes.

The score is fine and the added color is effective. However, the songs at times came off as cheesy. Unfortunately, when focusing on the lyrics the viewer will lose focus on the visuals.

The new subtitling helps with the story that could be deemed convoluted for the average viewer. However, despite it's 2 1/2 hour length, the restored version is very coherent and engaging.

The contemporization of the film simply distracted me from the film itself.

It's worth a look but if you want to see the film as intended find the "The Complete Metropolis."

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