Monday, January 2, 2012

12-31-11: Streep disappears again

THE IRON LADY (2011) (PG-13) 105 mins. *** D: Phyllida Lloyd. Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Alexandra Roach, Harry Lloyd.

While grieving for the loss of her husband, Margaret Thatcher reflects on her early political days and her time as the Prime Minster of Great Britain.

The lynchpin for the story comes off as very pretentious and does hamper this biopic. Throughout the film Thatcher sees and holds conversations with her late husband. The unfortunate result of this is that she comes off as delusional. Yes we understand her grieving but I'm sure there could have been a much more accessible approach to the subject matter.

That being said, Broadbent and Streep are exceptional as the Thatchers. Streep, with the aid of makeup, truly embodies Thatcher. She disappears into the part much like Philip Seymour Hoffman did in Capote. If anything, the only reason to see this film is to see Meryl Streep deliver another Oscar-caliber performance.

As is, this is an adequate biopic that only scratches the surface of what could prove to be a far more interesting and enlightening film. Great performances but the film itself doesn't live up to them.

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